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Driving Tip

"Fuel, drinks and food are available in Kibiti, Ikwiri, Somanga, Nangurukuru and Kilwa.

Speed cameras have arrived on Kilwa Road, keep your eye out for police posts near Ikwiri & Nangurukuru"

Driving To Kilwa

While the rest of Tanzania received heavy upgrades to its roads, Kilwa District and the road south was somewhat ignored due to the low amounts of traffic and the various obstacles that needed crossed along the way.

In 1990 the road to Kilwa could be closed for up to 2 months at a time and the detour took around 8 days of constant driving, for those who know Tanzania this was through Njombe basically all the way around the Selous Game Reserve.

In 1996 construction began on the Mkapa Bridge crossing the Rufiji River and in 1998 work began on the bridge crossing the Matandu River flood plain.

With these obstacles overcome it was now a matter of joining up the 320km

road network to link Dar es Salaam and Kilwa District. Kilwa however was

not going to welcome people that easy and the resulting road has taken

nearly 12 years to complete, with the final section scheduled for completion

in early 2013.

Brief directions from Dar to Kilwa

Travelling From The South

The road from Lindi to Nangurukuru was completed a few years ago and at only 166 kilometres it  takes 2 hours.

To travel into Mozambique we recommend travelling to access to the bridge from the Tanzanian side will be obtained via a road from Algoma, which is situated 38 km west of Masasi on the  Mtwara-Mbamba Bay trunk road and taking the newly built Unity Brige into Mozambique.

Latest Road News  

The road is progressing from Dar Es Salaam with only 25km of road still under construction. This one stretch takes about one and a half hours and the remaining 300km takes between 3 and 4 hours. It is estimated that the road will be fully tarred by February 2013.